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thumbs up. and kicks its current president out of office. what does that mean for us in the united states? president obama already extending the new guy an invite to the big house, the white house. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> we worship you! >> yes, indeed. >> i have yet to see that movie, by the way. >> happy birthday, brian kilmeade and my friend todd who celebrates today. >> and maureen in make-up. >> by the way, i have one question for you guys -- what is black and white and lies all the time? >> what? >> a panda on weight watchers. >> oh, yeah! >> i just thought of this joke and i just wanted to share. >> yeah, i think the third time is the charm. >> on "saturday night live." yeah, we've made it. >> we opened up the show on "saturday night live." >> it's so weird. we leave on friday morning, next thing you know we see our couch on tv on another show. >> actually i like their couch better. let's be honest. >> i'll tell you, it's weird. i'm in a restaurant and my wife is looking over my shoulder and starts saying, she goes uh-oh. >> you were out that late? >> i'm allow
repeatedly he believes president obama was born in the united states. the democrats can talk about donald trump all they want. mitt romney is going to talk about jobs and how we can get our economy moving again. trump, meantime, thinks romney should embrace the issue. here's what he said to greta van suster susteren. >> i think it's a great issue for mitt romney but he might not think that way and we certainly can disagree on that. we don't talk about that issue, by the way, we talk about jobs. we talk about lots of other things. >> the president, of course, has released his original birth certificate and the state of hawaii recently reaffirmed that obama was born in honolulu. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. check back in with you later on. now to other headlines and another long time incumbent being ousted by voters. democratic texas congressman losing now his party's primary last night. he served in the house since 1997 and tried touting his endorsements from president obama and former president bill clinton. reyes is the sixth veteran member to go down this year. he outspent his
really exceptional the united states of america is. and is not afraid to lead on the basis of that exceptionalism. and that the only thing that people dislike more than unilateral american leadership is no american leadership at all. and she said governor romney can bring that leadership back. she's not just the former secretary of state. she's also a former national security advisor as well under president george w. bush and to get an idea of why republicans care so much about what she says right now, you have to look at a cnn poll from last month that shows condaleeza rice as the top vice presidential pick among republicans and independents who lean to the right. she polled 26% support which is ahead of some other heavy hitters including rick santorum, governor chris christie and senator marco rubio but rice has said in recent months, she's not cut out to be a running mate and she thinks that romney should find somebody who wants to be in elected office. right now, her office, of course, is out at stanford university where she is a professor of political economy in the gr
and that signing of the agreement between the united states and afghanistan that happened just about two hours after president obama's plane left afghanistan. security was tight here all night as president obama arrived here but the attack this morning killed seven people including six afghan civilians, a child and one nepalese guard and happened a mile or so away from the u.s. military headquarters in an area called the green village, large security compound home to u.n. workers and other international workers that are employed here in kabul. it is supposed to be a secure area but the taliban have shown resilience and ability to attack at various places here in kabul even though the afghan security forces are supposed to be in charge of responsibility, security responsibility here, the taliban are proving to be a very resilient fighting force here in kabul. now, president obama was here in kabul last night signing that long term strategic agreement with afghanistan and it's essentially an agreement to have a longer agreement. it says the united states will provide financial and military aid a
of state sponsored terrorism abroad to sue in united states courts to be able to collect money for compensation for their physical and mental injuries. >> and that pathway is also something you could help him reclaim some funds to get himself literally back on his feet again. how is that going legally? >> well, it's going well and in a sense that daniel and his co-plaintiffs have received a judgment from the courts, iran has been held liable and responsible for the terrorist acts that maimed daniel. there's a judgment against iran. but we're trying to find iran's assets so that we can collect on the judgment and the courts with the help of the united states government have been resisting and helping iran hide their assets in the united states. it's really inexplicable that the united states government is taking the side of iran as opposed to the side of its own citizens who were victims of terrorists. >> what's it like being in the courtroom seeing the justice department fight for the other guys? >> it's very frustrating and difficult to explain to our clients that the unite
. >> thanks. >> you listen to the president of the united states there, you know, he was at arlington at the tomb of the unknowns and then later at the vietnam war memorial as well. it's interesting, though, when he was talking about how, you know, when the men and women came back from vietnam, you know, the treatment, thank god, charles krauthammer listened to what he said and interestingly enough, said that it essentially was a shot at the president's own political base. the left. listen. >> it helps to explain the huge gap between the republicans whether it's a romney or a mccain in getting support from the veterans. it isn't only demographics. it's history. and the fact is that in the vietnam era, the democrats were the anti-war party and we heard obama today essentially add doing penance for a country that spat on soldiers that returned from the vietnam war and what he didn't say is that in large part that was the work of the american left. it wasn't the work of the american right who supported the war. so in some way, he's trying to undo this legacy of 50 years. but that's why
clicks. >> thanks to entitlements, this year, the united states national debt is approaching $16 trillion. joining us right now this morning is the author of a new book out right now "the debt bomb, a bold plan to stop washington from bankrupting america" senator tom coburn from oklahoma. good morning. >> good morning. >> it is a fantastic book. you make a great case why more americans need to pay attention. wake up and smell the debt bomb because it's about to go off and we're all in trouble. >> yeah, it's going to affect everybody but it's going to affect young and old. if you're young, you're going to college, one and two can't get a job now. it's going to be, you know, three out of four can't get a job. if you have a home, the value of it is going to we are obligated for $120 trillion with 10 years g.d.p. total everything going in taxes so, the book makes the point, that this is a solvable problem. it's going to require some courage. and some difficult choices. but it's immediate. and it's severity is real and each day we wait to fix the problem means the pain is going to be
but it's because of us. he blames the united states. watch. >> when we took office, let me remind you, it was virtually no international pressure on iran. we were the problem. we were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region, in europe, and america's leadership was in doubt. we were nearly respected by a friend nor feared by our opponents. today, it is starkly, starkly different. >> actually -- >> tougher on iran, the whole situation. and there is no way we were diplomatically isolated when we came to iran and we should know that. he was chairman of the foreign relations committee. >> this is all part of the strategy to tout president obama's foreign policy and blame president bush. >> can you make stuff up? >> well, that's called politics and that's essentially what he's doing there is blaming president bush and the way in which he handled iran because he did not believe in sitting down with ahmadinejad as president obama said in the beginning that he would not have a problem sitting down and having a conversation. >> by the way, while we had our diplomats in india talki
to him and talking to him. he does not apparently blame the united states for his situation right now but he has accused the chinese government of telling him one thing and doing something else. >> imagine that. >> that's what he's angry about. >> imagine that would actually happen in china. the way the story the u.s. government is saying right now is what happened is he never asked for asylum in the united states when they originally had this meeting when he was at the embassy. he wanted to stay in china. according to u.s. officials. now, in 25 minutes from now, hillary clinton may have a different story when she has this press conference and talks about the fate of this chinese dissident. i mean, what does this mean as we move forward to the election because this one man could end up being the face of foreign policy as we come into november. when we talk about human rights across the world and how america responds to those situations. >> you know, and the interesting thing is that the white house is so carefully choreographed this past week. you know, the president secretly is goi
. >> especially with this kind of traffic. >> speaking of traffic, the president of united states was in new york city yesterday a big chunk of the day and tied up traffic significantly. he did appear on the show "the view" as part of their red, white and view campaign. they did it four years ago. they're doing it again at the beginning, barbara walters said mr. president, welcome. we're honored to have you. we promise we willet you get in a word edgewise. she brought up the hot topic. remember, we had heard that before joe biden, it was the white house's intention to bring up his same sex marriage stance on "the view." well, yesterday, barbara walters asked him about whether or not he would work to repeal the defense of marriage act and he said this. >> will you personally fight to repeal that act? >> well, look, congress is clearly on notice that i think it's a bad idea. >> and that was it. >> i think that barbara walters was trying to make news here obviously because if you believe the story that's been going out in the last couple of days or the last couple of weeks, it was that joe biden
our current president of the united states barack obama is and one of the ideas is to argue that barack obama is incapable of making good decisions not because he was misguided, but because his world view was shaped by reverend wright who taught him that america was the problem. of course, reverend wright in the news right now because he's featured in that new ed klein book that suggests he was offered $150,000 to shut up before the 2008 election. >> he talked to ed klein. he did. >> you have to wonder if this was a super pac situation again. keep in mind, the candidates always argue they have nothing to do with the super pacs and they can't stop them from putting out particular ads because it's individual money that goes towards those super pacs. well, now, mitt romney is on the record as asking that super pac to not do this particular kind of an ad because i think in a smart way, he does not want to be roped in to this situation where once again, people can come out and attack him immediately with some sort of a racial situation. here's mitt romney. >> i want to make it
to thousands of home owners across the united states offering to forgive a portion of the principle balance on their mortgages. the average amount the bank is willing to forgive $150,000. it could amount to monthly savings up to 35%. this is a result of that $25 billion government settlement announced earlier this year. chances are the president never expected this guy to blast so-called buffet rule. warren buffet himself, the billionaire now saying it won't do much to help our ailing economy. remember, president obama named his tax hike proposal after buffet who supports increased tax revenues on america's top earners. during a recent buffet announcement, he criticized the president's proposal as a small improvement to a vary bad tax system. that couldn't even remotely cure our revenue problems. and those are your headlines. it's a little problematic when the guy you name it after isn't totally in favor of it. >> sean hannity had this occupier on, this 26-year-old guy who spent a lot of his time sleeping in zuccotti park. sean invited him in and he said i had a job, i lost a job and can't
first term if he is elected president of the united states. >> all right. peter doocy live in washington with more. peter? >> brian, mitt romney told "time" magazine yesterday that by the end of his term, first term in the white house, he'll shrink the unemployment rate to 6% or lower. and keep in mind that today, it's 8.1%. >> can tell you that over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies that we've put in place, we get unemployment rate down to 6% and perhaps a little lower. >> but the obama campaign's press secretary says mitt romney has moved the goal post on a critical promise because 20 days ago, romney said no unemployment rate above 4% is worth celebrating and now that number has been slightly adjusted. meanwhile, president obama himself is telling voters on the trail that he's running for president again because his long memory regarding failed economic policies makes him more formidable than mitt romney and all his business experience. >> governor romney says his 25 years in the private sector gives him a special understanding of how the economy works. now, if tha
and come to the united states if she'll let him. >> with his family. >> yeah. >> right. well, there's a fundamental bain of appeasing china that runs through this administration and i think that the state has done a fundamental failure to understand the nature of what china is all about. there's this fear that if we stand up to china to stop lending us money, i have one coming out next week called "screwed" and a lot of it is about china and let me explain it. china doesn't lend us money because it wants to. it lends us money because it has to. china has all these dollars. how did they get the dollars? they got it because they sold their currency for dollars. why did they do that? because that suppresses the value of their currency and raises the value of ours. that permits them to undercut our prices about 40% and to have a huge debt and once they have these dollars, what are they going to do with them? put them in vegas or make them liquid? instead, they use it to buy treasury bills. that's how they lend us money and the united states can stand up to china. we can tell china stop
of the united states, i could be. i could be vice president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> absolutely. they don't get us! they don't get who we are! >> who is taking away what dream is he talking about? >> are his brothers and sisters millionaires? what is he saying? >> he's talking about the american dream which a lot of people think has been under attack for the last couple of years, by the way. that people who start with nothing and work really hard and make a buck have been vilified for the last three years. >> but who dreams -- >> several times by this administration. i thought it was really ironic he was talking about millionaires. he could have thrown in billionaires, too, those are the buzz words that this administration has used to talk about people that we should not like in our society right now. >> he was talking about dreaming of growing up and being the vice president. who does that? don't they dream of being the president or s
of view evolved overtime. >> that's right. interestingly enough, the president of the united states did speak at the fundraiser last night for 19 minutes. did not mention the republicans by name once. did not mention mitt romney by once. but it was kind of a victory lap because like gretch mentioned, he did talk a little bit about his support now of same sex marriage. there was a flash yesterday afternoon from "the new york times" that said apparently joe biden, the morning that the president of the united states taped that support of gay marriage there with robin roberts of g.m.a., joe biden went into the oval office and said mr. president, i apologize. i'm sorry, i put you in a box by having, you know, joe biden came out on "meet the press" a couple of days earlier and said he really, really, absolutely was comfortable with same-sex marriage. >> and what i've been saying for the last few days appears now to maybe the case that that's probably all made up? the fact that joe biden actually taped that "meet the press" interview on friday so the white house knew what he had said a couple
have the stamina to jog to school, i'm pretty sure you can show a little respect to the united states and to the flag. >> i'm saying don't jog to school. this is another example for me of what's bad about exercise. it doesn't give you energy for the rest of the day, ok? all right. >> this is the reason that you'll give for the next three hours on this show. let us know this morning. e-mail us, friends on "fox & friends" on twitter this morning. >> or hit us at ffweekend. >> that's where we live. >> coming up, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on students that don't even exist. details behind a shocking report. >> and president obama targeting mitt romney's business record as we've been talking about. are his attacks on private business valid? one of america's top business leaders is here. he's coming in. he's going to weigh in on this next. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food
again to be president of the united states. well, now he's not giving himself a grade. he's saying that he is incomplete. >> you got to remember, he gave himself a b plus. >> i don't know about you but my parents were really upset at me at college for the money i was paying if i came home with any incompletes. that didn't past the muster too much when they were forking out that kind of dough. will be up to the american people to see if incomplete is a good grade. >> your incomplete is a tactic like i'm bombing out the semester. let's call off the dogs! >> sure, remember steven chu, the secretary of energy gave himself, what, an a minus and everybody goes are you kidding me? meanwhile, they should have asked bill clinton who appeared yesterday at the pete peterson foundation which is in, i think, third or fourth year right now, what kind of grade he would give the united states? it's interesting, he does not agree with some of the things the president is doing and in fact, bill clinton himself suggested that the president's tax hikes on the rich would not be enough and suggested th
. shocking, the president of the united states yesterday announced that he does support gay marriage and he can blame this -- this sudden public stance on joe biden. there are, apparently joe biden went rogue on "meet the press" a couple of weeks ago and the white house is spinning one version as the president was going to reveal this before the d.n.c. convention down in charlotte. the other senior administration officials who talked to politico said what are they talking about? we were thinking about not mentioning it until after the election. >> and if you are in my camp on this whole thing, you think this was all strategy from the beginning. which is what i think. i don't think this was a gaffe by joe biden. it doesn't really matter but i think it was a trial balloon. put it out there and bring the discussion about gay marriage to the forefront and then have the president, you know, come out and say what his feelings have been all along. but let's not make any mistakes about this, folks, this is about getting re-elected in november, plain and simple. >> so robin roberts had about 48 hour
and arkansas, there's some problems. >> not a rousing endorsement for the president of the united states. meanwhile, you know over the last couple of weeks, we've heard the democrats beating the drum, the president -- rather, the former governor of massachusetts's experience running bain capital. bain bad, yesterday joe biden ratcheted it up at keane state university in keane, new hampshire. listen to what he said about plumbers. >> your job as president is to promote the common good. that doesn't mean the private equity guys are bad guys. they're not! but that no more qualifies you to be president than being a plumber! it doesn't -- and by the way, there are a lot of awful smart plumbers. >> so i think that was not in the teleprompter. to talk about plumbers because why would you go back to joe the plumber who by the way is really upset that there was that accusation that plumbers couldn't be president. keep in mind, joe the plumber is what started this whole class warfare discussion before the 2008 election. >> by the way, count three more people on board with republicans who don't b
firms is to go and find struggling companies across the united states and internationally put money into them, restructure them, in some cases jobs are lost but in many cases, jobs grow. now, that's coming under attack again. >> yeah, i could not believe last week and was not surprised but yet i didn't think it was going to come so soon where the obama administration was going to mimic newt gingrich and governor perry and saying those guys at bain are horrible. they cut up companies, sell them off and they lose jobs when in reality a lot of people are uncomfortable with this including one cory booker, the very acclaimed mayor from new jersey who is very much in the obama camp but not on this. listen. >> i'm not about to sit here and indict private equity. to me, we're getting to ridiculous point in america. other funds investing in companies like bain capital. if you look at bain capital's record, they've done a lot to support businesses or grow businesses and this to me, i'm very uncomfortable. >> this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides. it's nauseating to the americ
and the fundamental premise is that neither the united states nor the international community is going to allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. we will do everything we can to prevent them from developing a weapon. >> panetta's comments come as iran's nuclear chief declared there is no reason for his country to halt production of uranium enrichment to 20%. a key demand of world leaders. and now the latest on the etan patz case. pedro rodriguez is charged with second-degree murder and some grisly new details are emerging. this morning's "new york post" reporting that hernandez reportedly stashed the boy's body in a refrigerator before discarding it into the trash. it's unclear how long hernandez who was then 19 years old kept patz' body hidden in that corner bodega. meanwhile, police say they are trying to confirm that his descriptions of the basement matches the architectural drawings from 33 years ago originally saying he put that body in a bag. all right, rolling thunder rolled through our nation's capital yesterday. hundreds of thousands of people showing up at the annual motorcycle rally which
, yo kn, hools n' do at >> was tha sool in the united states >> s. yes. sctualorrle w yorkndonctu hawa very imesve. >>trt >>eta yray wit helis. x w artnd vepi ory. brinfo mda mhe eyofnkrsayipehe sed enhath ar bfo urgent repairs, td state failed to act. meantime, the family of the seven victims got some help as city cabbies donated $1,000 to cover some of the funeral costs. getting a bad sign this morning that confidence may be declining over the ecomy? newtudy by paynet shows loans to sllusinesesell by 3 in r. th study did sw ldga up10ro aeagout is th seev wheret sn 205. ma cpanie aant sll heta to bro sce the ressnecs of db wh th ono. nniasuerle ugeho dtf if diitsisgsa rykeabteeongoec >> it was. that's kind of scary. some sort of monument to usama bin laden's martyrdom potentially. the president is looking at the situation room picture and talking about those 40 minutes from one year ago today when the decision was made to take out usama bin laden. he granted an interview to nbc and gave them full access into this room. here's a snip of that. >> the poi is thatll ofs unrstande'e lgay
who are seeking re-election. joining me now to weigh in is former governor and united states senator and fox news contribut contributor evan bayh. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what do you make of that "newsweek" cover? i know they are desperate as most magazines are to sell copies of the magazine but the first gay president? >> well, i think that's overstating the matter a little bit. but look, it's a big issue. it's certainly controversial in some parts of the country but i think this election really is going to be driven more about the economy, deficits, middle class economic issues. in some cases, this could have a marginal effect on the outcome. >> i want to get back to the economy in a minute, let's take a look at some of the democrats now up for re-election who don't want to have anything to do with this topic right now. i'm thinking of senator john tester, democrat from montana, senator claire mccasskell, democrat from missouri. do you see this as an issue along with the others on my screen right now if they have to say what their point of view is on gay marriage?
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)